Nothing Comes Close to the Golden Coast

As someone who has lived up and down the East Coast, I have always dreamed of venturing out West for the first time. The chance finally came along when I was invited by Natalie Jackson of Four Corners Photography alongside intern extraordinnaire Emma Hearn to assist a wedding in Joshua Tree National Park, plus other adventures that would bring us from Santa Monica to Los Angeles to Joshua Tree to Palm Springs and back. Before the trip, I secretly worried that, after all this time, I had romanticized California too much; that I would come back and no longer be dreaming of moving there someday. But after seeing just a little of what California has to offer, I can't wait to come back! There's so much to be impressed by, from the landscape, to the architecture, to the culture, to the food, to the art. Even the trees are cooler there... all of them. I'm glad no one was tallying how many times we collectively said "That's so cute!," or "Oh wow," or "This is amazing," throughout the trip.


But not everything was a walk in Joshua Tree National Park. On the morning of the wedding, in an attempt to turn the car around in the desert, the car got stuck in the sand! The groom and his groomsmen were sent to our rescue, but after several failed attempts to get the car unstuck, Natalie left to start shooting the wedding festivities while Emma and I remained to wait for a tow truck. Just so I can be as dramatic as possible, let me emphasize that we were practically in the middle of the desert, with directions like "turn right at the red boat" so it was no surprise that the tow truck got lost. An hour passed before a kind stranger named Johnny saw us while in route to get a TV for his grandpa and offered to help. Johnny left and came back in his truck, hooked up a chain to the car, and freed it! 


After having spent the morning unglamorously on our hands and knees digging hot sand away from tires, we spent the rest of the day in stark contrast at Cary and Libby's stunning wedding in Joshua Tree. Grateful for the lessons learned on this trip, the crazy Cali views, the best company, and that I now have a dramatic icebreaker that details the time I was basically stranded in the desert.